Thursday, 24 October 2013

Day 3- More Math Problems and 1st Math Quiz!!

Day 3- More Math Problems and  1st Math Quiz!!

Today we started the class with the 9th Math Problem, which is adding digits 0-9 to  form a 2 digit equation without repeating any digits. 
Can you try to figure out..the biggest equation?
BiGGEST  eQUATION  IS: 73-25= 98

As mentioned ,we had our first math quiz! Thankfully it was that tricky...the first question might be a little tricky but its all about looking out for the pattern

  Highlights of the day form me would be understanding the  meaning of...EnRICHment session and Acceleration Session
Enrichment –> Is to enhance understanding of the topic and  providing  activity that helps to in depth  understanding of the topic  according to child’s abilities
(Reflecting back at  my normal practice, gosh we have been using the wrong terms!)

Acceleration –> is to introduce new concepts and  new contents at a higher level.

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