Thursday, 24 October 2013

Day 6-Last Day

The Rules of of the Salute Game
  1.  3 players
  2. Have some numbered cards with digit 0-9
  3. Player 1 will distribute Player 2 and 3 with their cards.
  4. Both Player 2 and 3 are not allowed to see the numbers on their cards. 
  5. When player 1 say salute, both player 2 and 3  have to place their cards on their foreheads.
    Player 1 is required to multiply the two numbers together and say it out. both player will have to guess the number on their head. 
 This was indeed a fun game...very challenging ..really have to think fast and act fast!
Doing Division the Right method:

What we initially thought was the right method...

 I was taught doing division using this fact i still remember practicing and doing it in school workbook...And when Dr Yeap told us it was the incorrect way in doing the division. I was shocked..I have been doing that for years.

The Correct Method:

This support our discussion on how important it is for teachers to choose appropriate words and terms when teaching math!

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