Thursday, 24 October 2013

How does Children learn to count...

How does Children learn to count?  

In the past Ive came a kids who can count up to 100. However when I asked them to bring me 10 items.They came back with lesser or more than 10 items. How can that be?
Today during class the lecturer shared with us on ...
Pr-requisites to learning how to count
1. Knowing how to classify
2. Knowing how to rote count
3. Understanding 1 to 1 correspondence

These are the require skills they need to have before they learn to count.

10 Frames
 I thought this activity was good! Simple yet interesting. i shared this idea with my colleagues in school. We improvise it by using egg cartons and soya and red beans instead of paper..(sensorial learning just seems to do wonders with children and even adults!) 
most of the kiddos grasp the concept withing minutes..we started with just using 3 carton and some of the advanced kids used up to 8 egg cartons!:)

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